IMG_3917 Nathaniel "Chrohm" Walker  fOUNDER AND CEO


"C.H.R.O.H.M. Legacy" ( Composers Helping Rebuild Our Hearts & Minds), The beginning of a true Legacy, is comprised of composers, artist, entertainment lawyers, Combined with marketing and advertising specialist of an artistic muse. "C.H.R.O.H.M. Legacy" is a powerful and responsive marketing and Promotional team for Musicians, Bands & DJs and Entertainment Companies with the most dedicated professionals working to build Artists careers. We help build and advance your independent career by doing the foot work and making the industry's mysterious "How-To?s" more attainable. Our services range from booking Studio time, coordinating your session (at the best rate within your budget), connecting you with the right production team, booking your shows and negotiating that coveted distribution deal you need to get you to that "Next Level"."When it comes to what we look for in a great artist of any kind, whether it be a Graffiti artist, Recording artist, Photographer or Visual Production Expert is... #1. Confidence #2.Talent #3. Swagger"