Chrohm Bio


On May 26, 1986 Nate “CHROHM” Walker was born. At the age of five he and his mother moved to Miami for hopes of a better life. As a child “CHROHM” had an astounding gift to sing; which he would not discover until later in
his life.

Listening and singing along to entertainment “Greats”, such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Lionel Richie, It seemed as if his vocal chords were silk ribbons etched by high notes and treble clefs. “CHROHM” wailed soultry sounds of blues that pierced the souls of everyone that could hear him. His story is that of a prodigy raised in the ghettos of Over town and Little Havana, becoming a living product of the streetz and rising high above all expectations.

At this time “CHROHM” is diligently working on his crafts of writing, recoding and performing. He reps. his hood to the fullest with his unique flava of the smoothest, most rugged combination of hip-hop, soul, and R&B. By far,”CHROHM” will be the most versatile and shockingly original icon in this industry to date.


“CHROHM” has performed at the Orange Bowl parade of 99/00 (which was televised nationwide and held an audience of over 60 million viewers). He has also performed at the Martin Luther King Parade & festivals and numerous night club engagements through-out the east coast. “CHROHM” has worked with some of the industry’s top performers and producers, such as Gorilla Tek,Wyclef Jean, Mr. Cheeks and The Lost Boyz, The Out laws and Bone Thugs & Harmonys Mo-Thugs Record Label and BOSS ENT. just to name a few. He is a member of Grammy U and The Grammy Pro and is affiliated with ASCAP.


Two years in drama class at South Miami Junior Magnet
Extra in Any Given Sunday